Classes Begin: September 28

Fall Trimester: September 28 - November 20

Winter Trimester: November 30 - February 5

Spring Trimester: February 8 - April 16


November 23rd - 27th

December 21st - January 1st

March 29th - April 2nd

(No Classes Held)

"Time to Dance" 2020-2021

The health of our dance families is vital to the continuation of Studio 3-D. Please contact Debbie for the updated information on this year's dance classes.

Thank you!


Every child has a right to know how to achieve control of his body in order that he may use it to the limit of his ability for the expression of his own reactions to life. Even if he can never carry his efforts far enough to realize dance in its highest forms, he may experience the sheer joy of the rhythmic sense of free, controlled and expressive movement, and through this know an addition to life to which every human being is entitled. 

         - Margaret H. Doubler

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