A classical and technical dance form using grace and precision of movement. Ballet is the foundation of all dance and provides a solid core for every form of dance. It is strongly recommended to be taken first or concurrently with other forms of dance. 


This class is all about the rhythm. Shoes have taps on the balls and heels to create sounds. 


A free form style of dance with fundamentals involving isolations, jumps, turns, and conditioning.

Classes Begin: September 16

Fall Trimester: September 16 - November 22

Winter Trimester: December 2 - February 28

Spring Trimester: March 2 - May 1

Last week of classes: April 27 - May 1 


October 31 

November 4 - 8 

November 25 - 29 

December 23 - Janurary 3

March 23 - 27

2020 Recitals

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