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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Dance Studio 3-D!

Dance Studio 3-D doesn't create dancers, it reveals them. Stretch by stretch, leap by leap, the dancer emerges. The art form of dance can be the catalyst to setting your inner dancer free. 

Studio 3-D's objective in teaching is not only to impart the correct techniques in the art of dance but also to have the students experience the enjoyment of learning with a feeling of self-satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. Although some students may go on to seek a career in dance, Studio 3-D is less interested in molding professional dancers, than in shaping disciplined, respectful, gracious and dedicated young people who also develop a love and appreciation for the art. 

Studio 3-D is recognized for a positive educational environment, an active role in the community, and a contributor to the exposure to the arts for students and their families. 

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Debbie Griggas

Robert began taking classes at Studio 3-D at the age of 7. Currently, pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in Percussion Performance and a Minor in Dance Performance at the University of Wisconsin. This is the start of his sixth year as an instructor for the Stagebound and contemporary classes. Studio 3-D has always been a home away from home and honored to now be on the faculty.

As founder and director of Studio 3-D, Debbie is celebrating 36 years teaching the art form of dance. Debbie has been a member of Dance Masters of Wisconsin and Chicago National Association of Dance Masters for 26 years. 

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Dance Studio 3-D

213 West Lake Street, Lake Mills, WI 53551

Tel: 608- 764-8069


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