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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Dance Studio 3-D!

Dance Studio 3-D doesn't create dancers, it reveals them. Stretch by stretch, leap by leap, the dancer emerges. The art form of dance can be the catalyst to setting your inner dancer free. 

Studio 3-D's objective in teaching is not only to impart the correct techniques in the art of dance but also to have the students experience the enjoyment of learning with a feeling of self-satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. Although some students may go on to seek a career in dance, Studio 3-D is less interested in molding professional dancers, than in shaping disciplined, respectful, gracious and dedicated young people who also develop a love and appreciation for the art. 

Studio 3-D is recognized for a positive educational environment, an active role in the community, and a contributor to the exposure to the arts for students and their families. 

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Robert's time at Studio 3-D began at the age of 7. He fell in love with the craft of dance and has been an instructor since 2015. Robert has a degree in Percussion Performance and a certificate in dance from UW Madison. He has trained with many accomplished artists including Jin-Wen Yu, Chris Walker, and Li Chiao-Ping.

Pato Cierna
Debbie Griggas

As founder and director of Studio 3-D, Debbie is celebrating 36 years teaching the art form of dance. Debbie has been a member of Dance Masters of Wisconsin and Chicago National Association of Dance Masters for 26 years. 

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Jennifer Watkins

Pato Cierna has been a dancer for various television shows from Netflix to Nickelodeon. He has choreographed the opening of the Olympic Games in 2018 and began teaching 9 years ago.

Jennifer Watkins grew up learning dance from Debbie Griggas and has also taught a variety of classes at Dance Studio 3-D over the years. She has a BA in Communication Arts (Radio, TV, Film) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While in school, she also focused on ballet and ballroom, and performed with three student organizations: Madtappers, Madtown Ballroom, and Hypnotiq, as well. Over the years, she has taken a wide-spanning array of classes internationally, as well as attended classes and conventions in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Jennifer returns to the studio this year after spending the last decade living, working, and casually dancing (both teaching and taking class) in Chicago, Illinois. She is delighted to be back in Wisconsin, and grateful to be home at Dance Studio 3-D.

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Dance Studio 3-D

213 West Lake Street, Lake Mills, WI 53551

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